"Bracker" The Moving Technology

  1. Titan Rings:

    More then 300 lacs "TITAN" rings are sold out (January'2005) and working in the most demanding spinning mills all over the world no further introduction is required for this rings as it is known as "miracle rings of century" almost all the customers are satisfied with the performance of "TITAN" rings and feeling more comfortable as well as placing bulk orders for their requirements.

    Today it is very difficult to maintain consistent yarn quality at higher speed. The reasons of producing different yarn quality on different spindles are mainly the variation in roughness of the rings. If the variation in roughness on rings is more, variation in hairiness will be wider.

    Different roughness value rings produce different yarn quality and mainly C.V. of hairiness index is much higher. Bracker "TITAN" rings produces the yarn having very closed and controlled hairiness as the roughness of rings remain the same through out its life.

    Due to high resistance to temperature of "TITAN" rings the roughness value is maintained 0.1 RA to 0.15 RA whereas other rings loose their roughness value to 0.3 RA - 0.4 RA even sometimes more, which produce yarn with much higher hairiness and cause more end-breakage. Hence the yarn produced on "TITAN" rings will have a close & controlled hairiness which will result in less complaints or absolutely no complaints caused due to rings. The special features of "TITAN" rings:

    1. High performance of rings with extremely high wear resistance coating.
    2. Universal application for all kinds of fibers and yarn counts.
    3. No traditional running -in is required. No speed reduction & consistent running performance on all spinning positions.
    4. High resistance to generated temperatures prevents micro welding & scuffing.
    5. No problem for frequent count changing from course to finer of vice versa.
    6. No speed reduction during frequent count changing.
    If you would like to have 2 to 3 times longer life than any other rings with consistent running performance on all positions you have no choice but to try "TITAN" rings.
  2. Bracker Ring Travellers

    Today M/s. Bracker A.G. Switzerland is the largest Traveller manufacturing company in the world having highest market share in the world market. Bracker products are known for the perfection and consistency in quality which improves the over all performance of the department.

    Bracker Travellers improve the performance of spinning units. Please inform us the type of the travellers you are using alongwith the spinning conditions to enable us to suggest the Bracker Travellers to get the better performance.

    M/s. Bracker A.G. are having largest range of Travellers having different shapes and finish to meet the needs of all spinning conditions. By trial and error method we guarantee to get the best possible results under every spinning conditions by selecting the correct shape, size, and finish of the travellers.

    Bracker A.G. offers travellers for all types of spinning, twisting, tyrecord industries in steel, nylon, re-inforced glass fibers, chromehead plated and metal inserted travellers for various fibers and critical applications.

    The travellers are available for "T" Flange, conical, vertical and for PSM rings.

    Please also refer to us for your requirement of special application Travellers.

  3. Bracker Tools

    1. Rapid - Travelling Inserting Tools:

      This tool is most useful for traveller insertion on all type of flange rings. It is saving almost more than 50% travellers replacement time. The main advantage of this tool is that all the travellers are inserted at the same pressure and there is no damage to any traveller.

      No loose off travellers as no manual handling whereas in case of loose travellers the percentage of travellers lost varies from 15 - 25% .

      Special features of RAPID :

      1. Increases Traveller life.
      2. Improve in end breakages as all the travellers are inserted at same opening & pressure.
      3. Traveller replacement time reduce to more than 50%
      4. Keep the dept clean & totally avoids the damage to cards & blowroom machinery.
    2. Fluff Removers - Hand Operated Rolsprint:

      Bracker has developed and refined the new roller fricker "ROLSPRING", the lint and fly removing tool with the best performance in the world market. The special features are:

      1. Very strong housing, gears made out of special steel gives almost life long guarantee
      2. Available with 200 mm, 315 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, spindles supported by 2 ball bearings, the spindle can be inter changed within minutes by unscrewing only 2
      3. nuts.
      4. Very hing self rotating power through had pulling, less wear & tear and higher efficiency.
      5. Best tool for keeping the machines clean.
    3. Air Pic:

      This is developed to achieve fast and efficient cleaning of all kinds of textile machineries even in working. It works with compresed air at a pressure of 6 bar (90 psi) this tool is handy, light and supplied with 250 mm spindle shaft.

    4. Secutex:

      Safety cutters with exchangeable steel blades due to its special design, it prevents the scratches/damages to top rollers cots whole the lapping is taken out.

    5. Cutex:

      Cutters with exchangeable bronze hook due to bronze hooks it prevents scratches/damages to bottom roller flutes while cleaning the lapping on it.

    6. Outy:

      Specially designed tool to take out ring travellers from flanged rings. It collects the travellers in the pocket provided in itself and avoids scattering of travellers which ultimately is the reason of damages to other delicate components like card wires etc.

For more details please refer web site: http://www.bracker.ch

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